Sunday, June 2, 2013

Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

After a flurry of final exams, projects, and packing up my room for the summer, I'm finally back home! It's so nice to relax at home,  and enjoy the full-sized kitchen at my disposal :)

So... I've been craving a good chocolate chip cookie for about 3 weeks now.   But, school got in the way, and i wasn't able to bake them until this week.

mmm.  while i was baking these,  I also made a giant casserole pan of salted caramel cookie bars :)  Ever since I discovered this salted caramel recipe, i've aspired to put it into pretty much every cookie or brownie that I've made.   Making these bars was actually super simple, since I made the cookie dough ahead of time. To make them, simply line a greased casserole pan with one layer of cookie dough, followed by the salted caramel squares.  Then, pat down a second layer of cookie dough, and bake the whole thing at 325 degrees F for 30 minutes. So easy!

After trying these bars, it was very difficult to go back to eating the cookies ;)  they were perfect with a nice cold glass of milk.

I have ambitious plans to bake many things this upcoming week before I leave home, so stay posted for at least a couple more recipes this week!


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