Friday, May 24, 2013

The Semester in Cakes

My friend Sylvia and I have a tradition- we like to make our friends' birthday cakes from scratch every year :) This semester was particularly special because of a lovely Secret Santa gift exchange where i got my first ever cake decorating set!

We literally felt like the coolest kids on the block when we were piping out our friends' names on cakes, or making fancy designs on along the side of the cakes.  I will personally admit to feeling like the coolest kid when I practiced my frosting penmanship on cardboard ;) Someday, I hope to take a cake decorating class to make my cakes look a little more professional, but until then... here is a summary of this semester in cakes!

Presented in chronological order:

A lemon tea cake: it wasn't for anyone's birthday in particular- simply a product of a cold, January afternoon!

A strawberry-coconut cake: so much fun to make!

A Porsche-shaped cake for a car enthusiast :)

German chocolate for the chocolate-lover!

A fun-fetti/candy themed cake:

<not pictured> Sylvia made me a gorgeous, delicious red velvet cake for my birthday.  I didn't get a chance to snap a picture of it before it was demolished by everyone! thank you, Sylvia :) here's to many more cakes we will bake together!


and with that, i say goodbye to a very busy, energetic, bursting-with-excitement semester.   Although the year had its share of low moments, the high points soared above all i have experienced in college :)  
I'm excited to make even more incredible memories as I travel abroad this summer.  Keep reading my blog to follow my food/traveling adventures!


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