Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Friday Morning Brunch

On Friday morning (the beginning of the weekend in Israel),  a couple of friends and I decided to have brunch together! The stoves in our dorm were a lot smaller and less hot than the ones we are used to back home, but we did our best with what we had :)

we made scrambled eggs and chocolate chip pancakes for our little brunch.   it was pretty sweet to cook and eat together, and i'm so so grateful to have friends from school in Israel with me.  Exploring a new country is so much more exciting when you have others to share the experiences with!

Ariel was the mastermind of this brunch

My friend Ariel was the one who planned out this brunch.   We went to the market in the morning to get supplies, stopped by an incredible bakery, and then headed back to our dorm to make this lovely meal.  Weekends are pretty quiet here because of Shabbat, so it was nice to dine together :)

This weekend, we are planning on going to Jerusalem! more posts to follow...


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