Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chocolate-Almond Biscotti

so... it's been awhile.   Week after week, I've dutifully penciled in "update blog" in my planner, to no avail.   Here's a short summary of what i've been up to in the past 6 weeks:

Life Happened.  Drama Ensued.  Therapy Baking Initiated. Happiness Restored!

Now, back to the relevant part of that summary - therapy baking:)

Over Christmas break, I decided to make biscotti. Having never made biscotti, I figured the best time to make it would be when I had access to a nice kitchen at home, rather than my small dorm kitchen. It was a good call.

What I didn't realize until I sat down to look at a biscotti recipe was that they actually have to be baked twice.  The first time, you bake them in little logs, and the second time, you bake the individual pieces.

it was quite the process. However, given that i was on break and i would probably have been watching reruns of That 70's Show if I was not baking, I thought it was worth it :)
the final product

Chocolate Almond Biscotti:
Recipe from The Food Network website.  

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