Monday, October 1, 2012

Nutella Banana Bread

remember how i have a problem with bananas? specifically with how I buy way too many of them? enter project banana bread: nutella style!  

mmm nutella...  I've been told that nutella is an integral part of most people's childhoods.  Personally, I spent most of my childhood eating hummus sandwiches and fiber granola bars (thanks, mom) so i didn't have my Nutella epiphany until I came to college and met my more culinarily relaxed friends.  

It was totally worth the wait though, because now I just want to eat nutella with ALL of the foods!

it turned out to be super easy to incorporate nutella into the banana bread.  really, all I did was make the banana bread like i always do, and swirl in about 3/4 of a cup of nutella.  Also, it's a lot easier to add in the nutella if you microwave it for about 20 seconds:) 

to feel extra special, you can top your banana bread with some mini peanut butter cups about 5 minutes before you pull it out of the oven.  

aaand this is what the final product looked like! a moist, slightly gooey, nutella-y banana bread. Most definitely one of the highlights of my weekend.  and now, i'm off to Monday activities, aka school.  have a good day:)


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