Monday, July 16, 2012

True Family Dinner(s)

So last time, I posted about how my friends and I get together to have elaborate potluck dinners.  This time, I got to eat dinner with my actual family! This weekend, my brother and dad came to visit me in Boston.  In terms of food and fun, it was absolutely wonderful.  And the fun doesn't end yet, because my brother will be in Boston for the whole week! yay:)

To be quite honest, we spent most of our time this weekend eating or cooking.

it's not like we like food or anything like that.

Although I took a lot of good pictures with my dad's fancy camera (ahh i want one), he flew back home with it, and these are the only ones i have from my phone. 

We had an incredible veggie pizza from Ernesto's, which claims to have Boston's best pizza. it's saafe to say that it lived up to its title:) The crust was perfectly soft on on the inside, and crunchy on the outside.  And instead of having lots of tomato sauce, it had fresh tomatoes on top of the pizza.   all in all, it was a great meal. we topped it off with cannolis from Mike's Pastry, but we ate them before I could take a picture:) delish.

the next day, my brother and I made a quick stop at Voltage to admire the art and grab some coffee.   although neither my brother nor I are particularly artsy, we definitely enjoyed taking a look around and drinking some exotic lattes!

I haven't been doing a lot of cooking this week, but I promise I'll put up some recipes/photos soon! Until then, happy cooking and happy eating:)

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