Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Family Dinner

Last weekend, my friends and I decided to get together for a little family dinner.  We like to have family dinners during the school year, and it's generally a time where we bond over good food and have fun:)  Even though many of our friends are away for the summer, we had a pretty good turnout!This dinner was a perfect mix of summery salads, corn bread, and Pei's amazing carrot cake
(oh yeah, and there were some meat dishes too. but i can't really comment on that since i'm vegetarian)

Potato salad (by me) and totally delicious Orzo pasta salad (by Sylvia)

I absolutely loved the orzo pasta salad.  and the best part was that there were tons of leftovers, so I've been helping out with the leftovers.  oh how i love my friends.

apple cranberry salad!
 and last but not least, the carrot cake! Although this cake wasn't my doing, I've been inspired to bake my own.  maybe one of these days...

what can i say, it was truly a great meal and a great evening.  i'm looking forward to having everyone back for the school year so that we can do this again:)

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