Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

One of my favorite food-related memories from home involves fruit.  Every morning, my dad would cut fresh fruit into bite-sized pieces and serve it to me and my brother in small bowls with forks.  At the time, I would grumble about eating a few pieces of oranges or mangoes, but now, I miss the days when fruit appeared in front of me, ready to eat.  

Appa, thank you for all of those mornings with fruit.  Throughout my life, you have taught me how to persevere, stay committed to the things I care about, and work hard for the things that I want.  I am so grateful.  and this post is for you!

This fruit salad is so simple that I wouldn't think to write a recipe for it.  Most of the ingredients
are really just fruits:)

Gala apples

I cut up a few apples first, and drizzled some lemon juice over it so they wouldn't brown. Then I added in some orange pieces and bananas.

I wanted to add in a mango, but it wasn't ripe enough in time. (I definitely don't have the same mango picking skills that my dad does)

anyways, after mixing the fruit, and topping with plain Greek yogurt and honey...

...the final product!

Happy Fathers Day, everyone!

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