Saturday, June 29, 2013


Last weekend, a few friends and I went to Jerusalem to visit the market and tour the Old City.  The market, or "Shuk", was basically a collection of small alleyways, lined with small vendors selling fruits, vegetables, bread, and tourist items.  It was like going to a carnival! 
the watermelon looked especially tempting in the burning heat. Israel is quite hot this time of year!

a fruit/slushy drink with mixed flavors- so yummy!

Something I will definitely miss when i head back to the United States is the smell of freshly baked bread at the market.  Whether it's at the Shuk in Jerusalem or the little bakery down the street in Rehovot, the fresh bread both smells and tastes like heaven! 

After walking through the market (feeling considerably fuller and with less cash) we headed for the Old City.  In the Old City, we did a fair amount of exploring in the Jewish Quarter as well as the Armenian Quarter.  It was absolutely unreal to walk through tiny streets loaded with so much history and religious significance.  I hope that I can come back at least once more to take a detailed tour of the Old City.

An entrance to the Old City
From a distance, Dome of The Rock

At sundown on Friday, right at the start of Shabbat, we went to the Western Wall in the Old City.  The Western Wall is one of the most sacred Jewish sites, and it was moving to see so many people praying and celebrating Shabbat together.  Because it is so sacred, I wasn't inspired to take pictures like I usually would have.  Although my knowledge about Judaism is somewhat limited, when I made my way up to the Wall and placed my hand on it, I immediately felt a spiritual connection that I had not experienced before.  Even though many of us were praying through different religions and different languages, everyone was united in their faith and devotion.  It was definitely one of the most unforgettable experiences that I have had in Israel so far.

Each weekend in Israel has been so packed with adventure that I've had to split up my blog posts.  Next up, more on our trip to Masada and the Dead Sea!

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